Thursday, October 22, 2009


"This is our problem of methodology today. Well intended ceremonies, programs, organizations, commissions and crusades of human ingenuity are trying valiantly to do a job that only can be done by men in the power of the Holy Spirit....Unless the personal mission of the Master is vitally incorporated into the policy and fabric of all these plans, the Church can not function as she should. When we realize that evangelism is not done by something, but by someone. It is an expression of God's love, and God is a Person. His nature, being personal, is only expressed through personality, first revealed fully in Christ and now expressed through His Spirit in the lives of those yielded to him."

-Robert E. Coleman

Jesus works through intimacy in relationship. He always has. He spent more time with those twelve men then He did with the masses so that those twelve could then each do the same. Relationship will always bear more lasting fruit than a church service ever will.

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